By Jenny 2017

How to make steroids capsule from raw powder?

Issuing time:2017-12-19 14:33

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Choose Tools

Start it

The capsule filling machine includes 4 Parts

1.Body board

2.Middle board

3.Frame board

4.Cap board


1,Put frame board on body board

2,Put about 300 capsules on frame board

3,Pick up the two boards shaking

4,Capsule will be into the body board one by one

5,Put out the excess capsule

6,The process of capsule'top and capsule'buttom is similarity

7,Filling Powder

8,Pour the powder into body board

9,Scraping the powder until the capsule filled with scraping board

10,Aim the side of middle board without gap at cap board

11,Rotating 180 degrees

12,Putting on board,push gently

13,When capsule'top combines with capsule'buttom,press hard