By Jenny 2017

Homebrew Raw Sarm Powder

Issuing time:2017-12-22 17:32

Having purchased the Sarm Powders and all the materials,you are now ready to make your finished Sarms.Making Sarm Oral Suspension is not hard, just takes some reading, some patience and a few things you can buy easily and legally online.

What to Suspend Sarm Powders?

Alcohol is used as solvent:Ehyl Alcohol,Everclear

Suspension vehicle:PEG 300

How to Suspend Sarm Powders?

Example 1:1000ml 10mg/ml GW501516 Solution

1.Add 30ml solvent to 10g GW501516 powder

2.Mix well,let it sit for 30 minutes

3.Add PEG 300 (about 670ml) to 700ml

4.Mix well,keep heating and boiling until it gets clear

5.Add slowly 300ml PEG 300 to the hot liquid,slowly,very slowly

6.Stirring slowly as you add it

7.Once all the liquid is hot and clear,you have successfully suspended the SARMs

Example 2:Ostarine 25mg/ml

Items Needed(All are legal, and easily acquired):

A proper scale that can measure .001 g

Alcohol (everclear or Bacardi 151)

60ml eyedroper bottles (30ml is also ok,60 ml bottle size chosen as it gives 30 or 60 day supply)

A graduated cylinder (100ml)


1.5g Ostarine

60ml Alcohol (Everclear or Bacardi 151)


1.Weigh out 1.5g Ostarine Powder

2.Put the powder into the dropper bottle

3.Measure 60 ml Alcohol (Everclear or Bacardi 151)

4.Pour the Alcohol into the dropper bottle.

5.Cover with your thumb and shake vigorously.

After a few min most will be dissolved. (there may be a few flakes floating around, this dissolved for me after a few more min of shaking, though it could have been that the liquid and bottle warmed in my hand. )

You will end up with a cloudy solution (almost milky) this is ok, it may even settle a bit when left alone for a day or many hours.You should have a clear solution when finished.

All compounds should be shaken before you dose so that you do not see any large clumps on the bottle or floating, this way you ensure even distribution when administered.

Yes it tastes like shit, that is the everclear or bacardi 151 you are tasting and why these are usually not drunkin straight.

Suck it up, have a chaser of juice or really anything and you will be a fine big boy.