By Jenny 2017

Successful Homebrew Tren A and Test E

Issuing time:2017-12-26 16:48


Brewed 100mL at a time

Tren A was 100mg/mL. Test E was 250mg/mL. The tren dissolved fairly easily. I filled a bowl with warm water from the tap and let the beaker sit in it while stirring, and it was warm enough to completely dissolve the powder in about 5 minutes of stirring.

For the test I microwaved a bowl of water to get it much hotter, then stuck the beaker in it and stirred until dissolved.

I used 3% BA and 20% BB with sesame seed oil as my carrier oil. Very smooth once brewed.


It should be clear!

Make sure the powder is completely dissolved before filtering. You shouldn't be able to see any particles floating around. Once it's ready it's time to filter.


Caulk gun is a lifesaver

Here's my setup for filtering. I know filter syringes are a pain compared to a vacuum pump, but I didn't want to spend the extra cash nor did I think it was necessary for how much I was brewing. Ok, so get a 60mL syringe and suck up about 50mL of oil (you'll lose some in the filter so get a little more). Stick the filter on the end, then an 18 gauge needle on the other end.Use the caulk gun to apply pressure to the syringe and once a drop comes out the needle stick a vial on the needle. With the 18 gauge needle the vial held itself in place just fine, so I let it dangle. As needed, pump the gun to keep steady pressure on the syringe. The first 50mLs go fast, after that it's slow going because the filter gets progressively more clogged.


Close up view of setup

So you can see the syringe filter attached to the syringe, and the vial filling up. It was a pretty simple procedure, and the caulk gun made a world of difference. I can't imagine filtering by hand. Spend 5 bucks on a caulk gun if you don't already have one. You won't regret it.

When I had 10mLs in a vial I simply pulled the vial off and quickly stuck another one on (I know I know I reused the same needle the whole time but I felt comfortable doing that. It's my own personal stash; I'm not looking to sell it so I'll assume the risk)


Finished Test (blue) and Tren (green)

Sesame seed oil has a very light color to it. The test is much lighter compared to the tren because the tren powder is yellow whereas the test powder is white.


Final product

18 vials of Tren A and 10 vials of Test E. (I lost some of the Tren when one of my syringes cracked as I started applying pressure. Check to make sure the syringe is intact.) Very pleased! Simple and saves a lot of money in the long run.