By Jenny 2017

Make Test Cyp 200mg/ml Step by Step

Issuing time:2018-01-10 15:53

What we will make is 100ml test cyp ( testosterone cypionate ) 200mg/ml


Step 1: weight right amount test cyp raw powders

Step 2: Add 2% BA  (benzyl alcohol)

Step 3:Add 18% BB (benzyl benzoate)

Step 4:Add GSO  (Grape Seed Oil)

Step 5 : Heating and Stir the solution till completely cleared

PS:You'd better to use a magnetic stirrer with temperature control equipment, so the solution can be stirred evenly and avoided to be overheated.

Step 6 : Filter the solution and sterilize it

PS:Using a Vacuum Pump + 0.22 um filtering membrane, finally you can get very clean gear with high or even over-dosed gear. Any further questions please feel free to contact us .